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Bert Seager Presents…Tetraptych ≈ June 7th, Start 7:30pm/ Doors 7pm


Say:  ” TET-trup-tick”

It is a four-paneled painting.

It is also the name of an exuberant jazz quartet that performs the music of acclaimed pianist Bert Seager. Tetraptych brings a breathing conversant quality to its playing, where interaction rather than assigned roles is what lights the fire. The magic arises as the musicians weave threads of free improvisation into the compositions. Throughout, one encounters the tetraptych: the input of each member as the collective meaning unfolds.


Bert Seager – pianist, composer and bandleader has written tunes specifically to fit these musicians, their strengths and collaborative chemistry.

Hery Paz – Cuban-born tenor saxophonist who produces a big round passionate sound plays with a wide ranging and profoundly melodic imagination.

Max Ridley – upright bassist makes the music dance while playfully breaking open the grid of time to liberate the proceedings.

Dor Herskovits – Israeli-born drummer whose deep feel and intelligent phrasing drive and shape the music holds the key to its ebullience.

One senses their unique personalities and warmth as they each navigate their changing roles in the unfolding drama. This is the embodiment of interconnection through sound.

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 7pm

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Pierce & Fagerstedt Duo ≈ June 8th, Start 7:30pm/ Doors 7pm

Pierce+Fagerstedt Duo copy_web

Paola Pierce (Colombia) and Simon Fagerstedt (Sweden) form a unique piano and bass duo that mixes electric and acoustic elements. Their performance includes originals and covers in a variety of styles including jazz, latin and traditional styles from Colombia and Sweden.

$5 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 7pm

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Jest in Show: Comedy for a Cause ≈ June 8th, Start 9:30pm/ Doors 9pm

Jest In Show

Jest in Show is a traveling stand up comedy benefit show based in Los Angeles that raises money for local non-profit organizations. 100% of the proceeds from the show go to the non-profit organization with which Jest in Show is benefitting. This special Boston edition will benefit the Brookline Community Foundation. Come check out some of the best up and coming and headlining comedians from all across the country!

$10 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 9pm

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Harris Eisenstadt Old Growth Forest + Jeb Bishop/Jorrit Dijkstra Duo ≈ June 10th, Start 5:30pm/ Doors 5pm

old growth forest don mount

Formed during Harris Eisenstadt’s September, 2015 residency at The Stone, Old Growth Forest released its first recording on Clean Feed in 2016. An old growth forest is one that has been left untouched, a place that has been allowed to follow its own natural course, without interruption.

“Poised as ever, Eisenstadt generates a rustling understory in which his rhythmic shifts and embellishments subtly prompt and push his colleagues,” writes John Sharpe. “Roebke presents a melodic but meaty presence in the middle level while Malaby and Bishop create a canopy not only full of overlapping forms, but also the gaps that permit illumination of what goes on beneath. Malaby’s unpredictable delivery and love of unconventional texture in particular keeps the ears pricked while Bishop’s garrulous yet honeyed trombone affords a fine foil.”

$15 Cover @ the Door / Doors Open @ 5pm

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